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Call for Papers


A Journal for research on advances in Engineering and Technology

A typical IJAET-Call for Papers (CFP) is a technique employed by journal for seeking engineering and technical educational Papers for grouping book or research articles or conference displays. An IJAET- CFP typically is made to reach to interested research scholars, students, academicians etc. Through email, forums, web partners describing the broad theme, the occasion for the CFP, formalities like authors guidelines, deadlines for submissions etc. An IJAET-CFP is typically distributed using a mailing list or through specialized on-line services. Papers submitted are evaluated by the editor IJAET or paper management service.
IJAET is a scholarly journal publishing peer-reviewed articles representing the advances in the field of Engineering and Technology. IJAET is published by IAET and is a forum for scholarly dialogue regarding the most important emerging issues in the field.
IJAET is a multidisciplinary research journal focused on understanding of various aspects of engineering and technical research. The journal publishes articles that present new theory or new empirical research addressing practical issues or both. To achieve this goal, IJAET will publish three types of articles: long articles that make major theoretical contributions, shorter articles that make major empirical contributions and brief review articles that target rapidly rising trends or new topics in field of engineering.
For our forthcoming issues, we are interested in papers that answer the following questions:
·         What has been the most significant past progress in the domain of Engineering and Technology?
·         What are important new directions in Engineering and Technology?
·         How can Engineering and IJAET theory bridge the gaps between actual needs of society and research?
Article Types
IJAET will primarily publish research articles but will also feature shorter “Surveys” and “Literature Reviews” if they are well informed, critical and contribute to knowledge and thinking in a useful manner.
·         The journal (IJAET) accepts academic articles and reviews for publication. Manuscripts submitted should be original. After being read by the EditorialBoard, the submitted articles will be evaluated on an anonymous basis by two external referees. In case the journal organizes a special issue commissioned by one or more researchers, the latter will act as second referees. Their opinions will be taken into account in the final IJAET of the Editorial Board, which will be communicated to the authors in due course.
·         From time to time, the journal publishes special issues and organizes thematic dossiers. Only senior investigators (i.e., ones who hold a Ph.D.) can submit proposals for these issues/dossiers to the editorial board. If the proposal is accepted, the organizing investigators are to work in close collaboration with the editorial board. Specifically, investigators should (1) draft a call-for-papers; (2) evaluate the articles as a primary referee; (3) choose a secondary referee and propose her/him to the editorial board; (4) forward any received manuscripts to the secondary referee and keep the board informed as to this process; (5) send your Engineering and that of the secondary referee to the board, which will make the final decision in the event of differing recommendations; (6) assist in the authors’ revision of the articles; and (7) submit final copies to the board and to the editors of the journal.
·         The decision to publish manuscripts in themed or non-themed issues will be communicated to the authors within deadlines given in the call for papers.
In order to ensure a smooth and quick peer-review, editing and publishing process, authors must adhere to all basic rules of grammar and to IJAET’s style guide. The fullstyle guide is available online .
Submitting Your Article
Authors should submit manuscripts online. Or through following email
Please visit the IJAET call for papers page for a description of the journal and instructions to authors.

We hope you will consider submitting a manuscript for publication in IJAET.

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