Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Simulation Model for Stage –IV Koyna Hydropower Plant PUBLISHED in IJAET Volume 6 Issue 6

A Simulation Model for Stage –IV Koyna Hydropower Plant
Mohd. Imran Ahmed, Siraj Y. Abed
Department of Industrial Engineering, King Abdulaziz University,
Jeddah, K.S.A.

Hydroelectric power contributes around 12.45 percent of the electricity supply in India. It is considered to be the most vital, unpolluted, emission-free and an inexpensive renewable source of energy. Hydroelectric power-plants operating all over the world aims to have high electric output with minimum maintenance cost. It’s very different with Koyna Hydropower Plant (KHPP) stage IV which generates lower electric output than the installed capacity with higher maintenance. This project aims to build a simulation model which can simulate the regular operation of Koyna Hydropower Plant with Arena®. The study involves to evaluate dynamic response of the system and plant performance under various operating conditions such as head height, quantity of water flow penstock and operating gates. Also to determine and identify the optimum parameters required for maximum power generation. The outcomes of the model helped to analyse the power generation capacity against the required quantity of water flow and head height. The developed simulation model was validated and used as an apparatus to determine the optimal operating parameters that maximise power generation of stage –IV at Koyna Hydropower plant.

Keywords: Hydropower Plant, turbine, Penstock, Head, Flow rate, simulation modelling.

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