Monday, 5 February 2018

Artisanal boatbuilding in Brazilian shores: craftsmen, boatyards, and manufacturing process
Yuri Waltera, b; Wilson Kindlein Júniora; Tatiana Walter c;
Marielce de Cássia Ribeiro Tostab
a Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – Laboratório de Design e Seleção de Materiais, Av. Oswaldo Aranha 99/604, Porto Alegre, RS/Brazil. CEP: 90033-190.
b Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo – Departamento de Engenharias e Tecnologia, Rod. BR 101 Norte, Km 60, Bairro Litoranêo, São Mateus, ES/Brazil. CEP 29932-540
c Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – Laboratório de Gerenciamento Costeiro, Rua Mar. Floriano Peixoto, n° 2236, São Lourenço do Sul, RS – Brazil. CEP 96170-000
(corresponding author:


The majority of Brazilian small craft fishing fleet comes from artisanal boatyards which struggles with market pressure, professional social devaluation, and lack of raw materials. This work aims to provide a description about small craft artisanal boatbuilding in Brazilian shores to support initiatives to increase its social, economical, and environmental sustainability. On site visits and interviews about craftsmen social-economics; boatyards’ production organization; and manufacturing processes’ technological aspects were conducted. Results show that craftsmen are characterized by reasonable income and livelihood degree, compared with workers of similar educational level in their region. Relationships and work organization among them is traditionally structured and community based. Boatyards have sufficient structure, though access to new technologies and resources could be increased. Observed plank on frame building technique depends on workforce skills, commitment, and knowledge, as well as the resulting boats’ design and performance. Small craft artisanal boatbuilding is a living sector with its own dynamics, subjected to the creation and eventual adoption of new technologies. Instead of replacing the current manufacturing process by fibreglass reinforced polymer laminates, as suggested by some initiatives, it is believed that this sector’s sustainability can be increased by gradual introduction of tools, materials, and techniques while preserving its artisanal characteristics and qualities.

Keywords: Small craft design; artisanal boatbuilding; woodworking; fishing fleets.

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